Experience the untamed beauty of Alaska through my lens. At Northern Rose Productions, we offer a unique blend of branding services that immerse your products and tours in the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. From product photography that captures the essence of the Last Frontier to authentic reviews and product testing in Alaska's wild terrain, our goal is to elevate your brand like never before. Let's create compelling stories together; it's time to showcase your brand against the backdrop of Alaska's majestic scenery. Book your adventure with us today and watch your brand come to life.


branding shoot 1

branding shoot 2

10+ digital images out of 50+

25+ digital images

one model

2+ models

one location

multiple locations

review + bts clip

$ 450 +

$ 800 +

branding shoot 3

45+ digital images out of 200+

Three Models

Three+ locations

footage + review

$ 1,200 +

branding shoot 2

25+ digital images

two models

two locations

bts clips

$ 850 +

Brands Worked With

Lands' End

Riverwild camper vans

Alaska Backcountry adventures



alaska interior game ranch