As a skilled photographer, I specialize in capturing the essence of individuals, couples, families, and beautiful weddings against the stunning backdrop of Alaska's natural wonders. But what truly sets me apart is my unique approach, merging my passion for photography with my background in psychology. With a degree in Psychology, I bring a deep understanding of human emotions and behavior to every shoot. This allows me to create a nurturing and empowering environment, where clients can truly shine and feel their best. I aim to enhance self-esteem and celebrate one's unique beauty. From capturing heartwarming family portraits to showcasing products in a way that sparks desire, I take pride in using my knowledge to deliver captivating images that evoke emotion and inspire action. We'll not only capture memories but also nurture your inner confidence and leave you with timeless photographs to cherish forever.


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My Approach

Ask about the adventure package! Making a long backpacking trip or doing a popular hike in Alaska? No matter the intensity of your adventure, I will meet you there to capture those instagram influencer worthy adventure shots! The mountains are fun but dont you wish you could have a professional photo of you taken at your favorite hiking/ backpacking location!? Well now you can! 

An experience like no other!

Alaska is a huge state full of hidden gems! From mountain tops, beautiful teal lakes, dense forests, hidden waterfalls, glacier tops, and ocean views! Luckily for you I have explored much of Alaska and have found the perfect locations just for YOU! Whatever type of photos you are looking for, romantic beach, cozy cabins in the mountains, or majestical hidden lakes , Alaska has it all!

See What Alaska Has To Offer!

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